How To Reset A Goodman Furnace

There are many different things that can cause a furnace made by Goodman Manufacturing to malfunction. Fortunately, however, something as simple as resetting a Goodman furnace model is often enough to make it run again. 

But how does one reset a Goodman furnace? Are there any problems that can cause a furnace made by this company to fail to kick on? If you’re looking for answers to these and other similar questions, you’re in the right place. 

Here’s how to reset a Goodman furnace: 

  • Step #1 – Shut down the thermostat 
  • Step #2 – Flip the circuit breaker 
  • Step #3 – Detach the access panel 
  • Step #4 – Press the reset button 

Troubleshooting the problems related to Goodman furnaces is something most homeowners can do on their own. 

However, if you can’t seem to get your Goodman furnace up and running – even though you’ve tried everything that’s recommended in the instruction manual – your best bet is to simply contact an expert. 

It goes without saying that an expert can inspect your faulty Goodman furnace in great detail and consequently recommend the best solution for the problem. And if this problem is too complicated, they may recommend replacing the entire unit with a new one. 

Keep reading to find out how to properly reset your Goodman furnace as well as learn about the potential issues that can cause it to fail to kick on. 


How Do I Reset My Goodman Furnace? 

The exact way in which one needs to approach the task of resetting a Goodman furnace will vary from one model to another. But still, there are a couple of general steps homeowners can follow when they’re unable to troubleshoot a malfunction problem: 

Step #1 – Shut Down the Thermostat 

Thermostat in a home

Before you actually reset the furnace, the very first – and the simplest – thing you’ll have to do is shut down the thermostat. Just put this device in the “off” position. 

Step #2 – Flip the Circuit Breaker 

Man flips circuit breaker

Pay a visit to your circuit breaker and simply flip the circuit breaker switch that is used by the gas furnace. Once you’ve done that, wait for a few seconds and flip it back to its original position. 

Step #3 – Detach the Access Panel 

The next thing you’ll have to do is remove the front panel of your gas furnace. For this, you’ll have to unscrew a couple of screws, so grab a screwdriver. Most gas furnaces made by this company have between two and four screws on their front panels. 

I would recommend paying special attention to where you’ll be leaving these screws – they are very small and can easily get lost. Slide the front panel up from the furnace, lift it, and set it aside. 

Step #4 – Press the Reset Button 

This is where we come to the actual resetting. Have a good look at the control panel of your Goodman furnace. Keep in mind that the location of the reset button varies from one model to another, so make sure to consult the instruction manual if you’re unable to find it. 

Most of the time, the reset button will be positioned somewhere close to the furnace limit switch. Once you’ve located this primary limit switch, look around it and find the aforementioned button. You will need to press and hold this button for about 10 seconds. 

After pressing the motor reset button, you may notice a red light flashing for a couple of moments before turning into a solid red light. This is a good sign – it indicates that you’ve successfully managed to manually reset your Goodman furnace. 

How Do I Find the Reset Button on My Goodman Furnace? 

As I’ve mentioned above, the precise location of the reset button depends on which particular model of a Goodman furnace you’re using. In order to access the reset button and reset the furnace, you will most likely have to open your model’s front panel. 

In most appliances of this type, the reset button is positioned on the control board, typically right next to the limit switch. In others, it will be situated next to the furnace’s blower motor, in the model’s air handlers compartment. To access it, you will have to take down the blower compartment cover. 

If you can’t find this button, and, therefore, can’t reset a furnace, make sure to consult the user’s manual. 

A Goodman Furnace Not Turning On: The Potential Reasons 

In case your Goodman furnace simply won’t kick on regardless of what you do, there is probably some kind of malfunction with one of the furnace’s settings or components: 

Thermostat Issues 

The first thing you should do if you’re having trouble with your Goodman furnace is to check the thermostat settings. 

Make sure you’re using the “On” instead of the “Auto” setting. Sometimes, the room temperature simply won’t be low enough for the “Auto” setting to kick on the furnace. 

Another thing you’ll want to do here is to check whether your thermostat is showing any signs indicating that its batteries have to be replaced. To stay on the safe side, I would recommend changing the batteries at least once a year. 

Finally, ensure that the wiring for the thermostat isn’t covered by dust and debris. As you can already guess, these can lead to disturbances within the electrical system. 

Tripped Circuit Breaker 

Another thing that can prevent your Goodman furnace from turning on is a tripped circuit breaker. 

Keep in mind that even the gas furnaces are powered by thermostats, and these devices are always connected to electrical wires within our homes. 

Obviously, you’ll need to reset the breaker in case it tripped because of too many appliances running at the same time (which usually leads to overheating). 

To do this, go to your circuit breaker box, find the corresponding switch, and then simply flip it in the opposite direction. Wait for a couple of seconds and then put it back into its original position. 

Finally, go back to your thermostat, put it into the “On” mode, and check if that solves the problem. 

Greasy Air Filters

Furnace air filter

One very common culprit behind malfunctioning furnaces is the dirty air filter. 

In my opinion, these parts need to be changed every two months – it’s the only way to ensure they won’t become too greasy and prevent your furnace from functioning properly and supplying your home with heat and warm air. 

When there’s a major obstruction in the air filter, the airflow from the blower to the vent will be restricted. The result of this is typically overheating of the heating system, which will cause your furnace to turn off. By doing so, the unit prevents a potential fire that can be caused by this increased temperature. 

Ignition Switch Issues 

Photo by 7jugi via Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 4.0)

The furnace ignition source can sometimes be the main culprit behind the unit refusing to kick on. Grab a flashlight, detach your furnace’s front panel, and have a good look at the ignition switch. 

If you don’t really know where this switch is located, consult your user’s manual. Sometimes, the ignition sensor will stop functioning properly because of too much dirt and debris accumulated on it. 

Fortunately, taking care of this issue is as easy as it gets – you only have to take a piece of sandpaper or a small wire brush and simply clean the sensor with it. 

Gas Line Issues 

When a modern furnace turns on, its pilot light turns on as well – it’s a standard feature on most contemporary appliances of this type. 

However, it is completely possible for this pilot light not to turn on when it should, which will, consequently, prevent the furnace from running. The pilot light can also go out in the middle of the operation, causing the furnace to shut down. All of this is typically caused by gas line issues. 

Homeowners who suspect that they’re having problems with their gas lines should check if their gas supply is working correctly. The easiest way to do this is by using your gas-operated stove. If the stove doesn’t turn on or if it’s not working properly, make sure to immediately contact your gas supplier. 

A Faulty Blower Motor 

If your furnace is over a decade old, there’s a pretty good chance its blower motor is not working as it once did. Do you hear the motor kick on after you turn on the furnace? If not, there’s probably something wrong with it or with its wiring. 

If you possess some DIY skills and have your user’s manual, the best course of action would be to take a multimeter device, disconnect the blower motor, and then test continuity. 

If you’re not really into DIY stuff, on the other hand, hire an HVAC professional to do this task for you. The last thing worth mentioning here is that testing and replacing the motor of the furnace can cost as much as $300. 

Resetting a Furnace Manually – How to Do It? 

For most appliances of this type, one only has to find the reset button – which is typically located on the control board – and then press and hold it for a couple of seconds. 

However, if you’re unable to locate this button – or if your furnace simply doesn’t have one – you will have to flip the breaker switch in order to reset the appliance. 

How Does One Reset the High Limit Switch? 

To do this, you will have to find the rollout limit switch component on your Goodman Furnace and then simply press the “reset” button in its center. 

The button is usually of red color. Make sure to hold the rollout limit switch reset button for a couple of seconds before releasing it. 

What do the Flashes on a Goodman Furnace Mean? 

One Flash 

One flash on a furnace manufactured by this company means that it’s time to replace its air filter. Simply remove it from its slot and replace it with a new one. 

Three Flashes 

Three flashes, on the other hand, indicate that there’s something wrong with the airflow. This can be a simple issue – like greasy air filters – but also a complicated one, such as the faulty blower wheel. 

Four Flashes 

Four flashes on a Goodman furnace signify that there’s some kind of issue with its pressure switch. This is typically caused by an airflow problem or a blocked air intake system. 

Six Flashes 

If you notice six flashes on your Goodman furnace, you can be sure that the appliance is having trouble running its ignition system. This usually has to do something with the gas line or dirty air filters. 

Twelve Flashes 

Twelve flashes on a furnace of this type typically indicate problems with the limit switch. To solve this issue, you will have to reset the limit switch – if you’re lucky, that is. Sometimes, a far more complicated problem is at hand. 

Fourteen Flashes 

Finally, fourteen flashes on a Goodman furnace tell the owner that there’s some kind of issue with the appliance’s fan relay circuit. This is usually caused by various gas-related problems, dirty filters, or an open thermostat. 

The Takeaway 

Furnace close-up

Malfunctioning or worn-out components can cause a furnace made by Goodman Manufacturing to experience a plethora of different issues, some of which are rather simple, and some of which are quite complicated and costly to repair. 

And while it’s true that repairs and replacements are sometimes unavoidable, a simple reset is often enough to get a Goodman Furnace running again. Hopefully, this guide has helped you in learning where the reset button is and how to properly reset your furnace by using it.